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The CEFAR EASY is a whole new concept developed for back and neck pain. The CEFAR EASY is safe, effective, and unlike oral painkillers, completely free from side effects. In addition to pain relief programs, the CEFAR EASY also includes relaxing massage programs for back and neck.

The TENS programs in the CEFAR EASY effectively relieve both acute and chronic pain in the back and neck. The CEFAR EASY can be used anywhere – at home, at work, etc. – thanks to the belt clip that attaches it firmly in a pocket or waistband.

Choose between four preset programs:

Pain Relief, Neck/Shoulder

Pain Relief, Lower Back

Massage, Neck/Shoulder

Massage Lower Back

The CEFAR EASY runs on regular 1.5 V AA batteries, which you can buy in any store. You can also use rechargeable batteries.

Safe and easy to use.

Developed and approved by physiotherapists.

Cost-effective treatment with no side effects – no more pills!

Can also be used for massage and muscle relaxation.

Standard Accessories:

Lead Wire Snap Connection (2pcs)

1 Packet of Self Adhesive Electrodes

Cefar Easy User Manual

Cefar Bag (Black), 2ch

Cefar neck Strap

Batteries, Alk 1.5V AA (2pc)

Technical Specification:

Number of Channels: 1

Number of Programs: 2 preset programs each, for back and neck

Constant Current: Up to a resistance of Max 1000 Ohm/channel

Maximum Amplitude: 60 mA

Intensity Increments: Minimum 0.5 mA

Max Pulse Duration/Width: 300 seconds

Max Frequency: 80 Hz

Power Source: 2×1.5V AA

Dimensions*: 52 x 30 x 125 mm

Electrical Safety Class: Class II, Type B

Safety Tests: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60101-1-2

Cefar Easy TENS Machine item # 1515